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An album about late-stage capitalism and being tired all the time

Feed The Engines! is the third album from Scottish electro-pop band L-space. It follows the critical success of their debut album Kipple Arcadia and their ambitious electronic score Music for Megastructures.

Each track on the album explores a facet of life under late-stage capitalism with humour and Lily's acute lyrical observations. The band's sound has evolved from the ethereal synths of Kipple Arcadia into a more energetic electro-pop sound.

Under their duo moniker Post Coal Prom Queen Lily and Gordon will embark on a tour to support the album in April/May 2020. They'll be visiting London, Tokyo, Glasgow, Carlisle, and Edinburgh with more to be announced.

Feed The Engines! was written by L-space and recorded at Homegrown Productions in Larbert with James Taylor and Inifinity Bus Studios in Glasgow with Simon Doherty.

L-space are Lily Higham, Gordon Johnstone and Dickson Telfer.

Click here for a lossless download of Feed The Engines!